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This photo gallery was established by Shinzo Maeda, a landscape photographer known world-wide.
10.5km from JR station

JohokanShiki-no-Johokan (Tourism Information Center)
Hi-Vision images of in for season of this filly town Biei are showed here. It has an information corner and displays local products.
Tel: 0166-92-4378
0.1km form JR station

BirukeBiruke-no-Mori (Shirogane Tourist Information Center)
This center screen hilly Town of biei in the theater. It also has a display gallery a observation you can see the Tokachi-dake mountain Range.
15.3km from JR station

volcanic sabo information centerMt. Tokachi Volcanic Sabo Information Center
The center screens footage of a volcanic eruption in its 3D theater.
Tel: 0166-94-3301
24.4km form JR station


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Sanai-no-okaSanai-no-Oka Observation Park
The park offers a complete view of the "Panorama Road" and the Daisetus Tokachi-dake mountain Ranges beyond the hills.
4km from JR station

Shinei-no-okaShinei-no-Oka Observation Park
The park offers a 360-degree panorama. The view of the sunset is reputed to be the best in Japan.
4km form JR station

Hokusei-no-okaHokusei-no Oka Observation Park
The view from this pyramid-shaped observation tower is exceptional.
2.5km from JR station

shiroganeShirogane Hot Spring Village
21km form JR station



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Kami Furano

Hinode ParkHinode Park
Kami-Furano is the location of the first lavender seeding in Japan. The park cenotaph commemorates the birthplace of lavender.
1km from JR station

Miyama PassMiyama Pass
Enjoy the superb scenery of the gently sloping Tokachi-dake Mountain Range.
7km form JR station

tokachidake onsenMt. Tokachi-dake Hot Spring Village
Sit in the outdoor hot spring and gaze down at a sea of clouds. This wonderful treat will also make you feel superb. We especially recommend going when the autumn leaves are out.
23km from JR station

Senbo PassSenbo Pass
View the magnificent Tokachi-dake Mountain Range. Downtown Kami-Furano and the Furano Basin
Tel: 0167-45-6983
4.5km form JR station


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trick artTrick Art Museum
A mysterious world in which 3D paintings of medieval Europe change shape depending on your viewing position. You can see, touch and enjoy this tricky art.
Tel: 0167-45-3788
7km from JR station

flower landFlower Land Kami-Furano
Pretty flowers bloom May until September.
Tel: 0167-45-9480
4km form JR station

farm kannoFarm Kanno
This 5 ha.-tour ism flower farm is located by Rt.237.
Tel: 0167-45-9528
10km from JR station

Tsuchi-no-yakata Tsuchi-no-Yakata Museum
This museum of soil and plows of the world is a part of Hokkaido's heritage.
Tel: 0167-45-3151
2km from JR station

Goto Sumio MuseumGoto Sumio Museum of Art, a Japanese painter
Goto Sumio, whose work is representative of classical Japanese art in the art world, opened the museum with his own studio inside. (Admission fee required)
Tel: 0167-45-6181
2km from JR station


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Naka Furano

Flower ParkNaka-Furano Flower Park
This 3.3ha.-flower park is located next to the Municipal(Choei) Lavender Farm.
Tel: 0167-44-4488
0.8km form JR station

forest parkNaka-Furano forest Park (shinrin Koen)
Surrounded by flower fields and forests, this park is equipped with not only recreational facilities such as an adventure circuit, tennis court and camping site, but also places like bungalows where you can unwind.
Tel: 0167-44-4700
0.7km from JR station

saika no satoSaika-no-Sato, Flower Park
This large 6ha.-flower park features mostly lavender. Lavender harvesting is available.
Tel: 0167-44-2855
2km form JR station

farm tomitaFarm Tomita
This large 10ha.-flower farm is the origin of the lavender craze and centers on lavender production. It includes The Flower House (a lavender resource center), The Perfume House and The potpourri House.
Tel: 0167-39-3939
2km from JR station

furano fukeiga-kanFurano Fukeiga-Kan, the Museum
The former Nae Elementary School was turned into a studio and opened as a private fine arts museum which always exhibits dozen of oil paintings depicting the four seasons of Furano.
Tel: 0167-44-4477
10km from JR station

hitsuji no okaHitsuji-no-Oka, Lavender Garden
A variety of small animals such as rabbits, sheep and ponies live here. Experience eating Jin-Gisu-Kan, a healthy MOngolian style BBQ.
Tel: 090-1302-1422
9km from JR station


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chushin hyouChushin-Hyou Park
The hear of Hokkaido LIes in a corner of Furano Elementary School Yard.
1.2km form JR station

wineryFurano Winery
The winery produces dozens of varieties of local wine carefully developed mellow flavor and scent. Observation tour and tasting are available.
Tel: 0167-22-3242
3km from JR station

grape juice factoryFurano Grape Juice Factory
100% Fruit juice tastes great. Furano Grape Juice comes in red or white. Observation tours and tasting are available.
Tel: 0167-23-3033
4km from JR station

cheese factoryFurano Cheese Factory
The factory manufactures and sells Furano cheese and Furano Milk. Cheese tasting is available. The adjoining Ice Milk Factory is always crowded. You can try your hand at a number of things, including making butter and ice cream, at The Hands-on Work Shop. (Booking necessary)
Tel: 0167-23-1156
4km from JR station

taiyo no satoTaiyo-no-Sato Park Fureai House
This 20ha.-park includes camping site, adventure circuit and a park golf course. At Fureai House, you will find a restaurant and accommodation.
Tel: 0167-42-3445
14km from JR station


highlandHotel Furano HIghland's lavender fields
You can take a look at the largest lavender fields in the city from its outdoor hot spring.
Tel: 0167-22-5700
7.5km form JR station


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furano ski areaFurano Ski Resort
This international class ski resort has hosted the World Cup Skiing Competition 10times and the World Cup Snowboarding Competition. The resort offers slopes for all levels of skiers. Snowboarders are also welcomed. The ropeway can hold up to 101 passengers and it the fastest of its kind in Japan. It also operates in the off-season.
2.7km from JR station

ningle terraceNingle Terrace
A shopping road of log houses designed by Soh Kuramoto. Nearby to this spot are the cafe Morino-Tokei (A Clock in a Forest), featured in the TV drama "Yasahii Jikan" (Heart Warming Moment) and "Soh's Bar" also designed by Soh Kuramoto.
7km form JR station

rokugou no moriRokugo-no-Mori, the Forest
The family of Goro Kuroita, the leading character appeared in the TV drama "Kitano Kuni Kara" (From the North Country) lived in this forest.
18.2km form JR station

stone houseGoro's Stone House
A spot commonly used as the main set in "Sudachi, Leaving the Nest", a chapter from the TV drama "Kitano Kuni Kara".
21km form JR station

recycled houseJun and Yui's Recycled House
A popular location used as the set for the TV drama "Kitano Kuni Kara" where you can see unique ideas shown in the Recycled Houses.
16.5km from JR station

kita no kuni kara Kitano Kuni Kara Siryoukan, the Museum
This museum contains commemorative items and information for "Kitano Kuni Kara", and was built under the supervision of the author, Soh Kuramoto.
0.3km form JR station


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Minami Furano

kanayma lake forestLake Kanayama Forest Park
Its lakeside features bungalows, recreation centers and the Log Hotel Larch.
Tel: 0167-52-2223
9km form JR station

kanayam lakeLake Kanayama
The forest and mountains are abundant in greenery and enveloped in a wonderful silence. This giant lake sits in the middle of untouched nature.
0.7km from JR station

jyukai passJyukai Pass
The ridge lies on the border between Furano and Minami-Furano. You can look down onto the vast sea of trees used by Tokyo University in their experiments as well as enjoy the excellent view.
4.3km form JR station

farm tomitaKarikachi Pass
This ridge is said to be one of the New Eight Views of Japan, given the breadth and beauty of the view towards Tokachi Plain.
20km from JR station

poppoyaLocation for the movie "Poppo-ya, a Station Clark"
Horomai and Ikutora stations that served as the backdrop for the movie "Poppo-ya", are actual train stations still in use today.
0.1km from JR station

sourvenir shopMinami-Furano Roadside Souvenir Shop
Tel: 0167-52-2100
1.5km from JR station



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tomamu resortAlpha Resort Tomamu
The Tomamu area is full of exciting sports activities. The town with many B&B's has built up around Alpha Resort Tomamu. This mountain resort is the largest nationwide and is a perfect destination for long term vacation all year around.
Tel: 0167-58-1111
0.1km form JR station

niniu camping siteNiniu Camping Site
A camping site where you can experience true nature. You can visit nearby Akaiwa Seigankyo Valley, a collection of unusual rocks and giant boulders.
Tel: 0167-56-2014
11km from JR station

shimukappu souvenir shopShimukappu Souvenir Shop
It's in front of JR Shimukappu Sta. There is a restaurant inside.
0.1km form JR station

shizen taikan shimukappu roadside souvenir shopShizen-Taikan-Shimukappu Roadside Souvenir Shop
1.5km from JR station




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