About Kumagera

Opened in 1980, Kumagera serves the best of Furano local cuisine. The kumagera, or black woodpecker, is Furano’s town bird and our symbol of everything that makes Furano great.
When Furano was being developed, the developers’ progress was hindered by stones scattered through the fields. You can still see piles of these stones dotted throughout the fields. We have gathered stones of all sizes and arranged them artfully throughout the restaurant and on the walls.
The beams in our old barn building come from the bottom of the river, where they came to rest after being swept away by mudslides caused by volcanic eruptions. You can see Crimson Glory Vines found wrapped around giant trees deep in the mountains, and our store curtain is dyed with the skins of Furano’s famous onions. Our ceiling is adorned with the bitter hops that are essential for beer, our tables are made of stone...everywhere you look, you’ll see unique touches of Furano!
In the basement you’ll find a 63m2 bar where you can enjoy delicious local sake.
Enjoy mouth-watering cuisine madm locally grown ingredients, and a warm welcome from us!

Kumagera    Owner: Tsuyoshi Morimoto