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About facilities

La Collina's facilities is designed so that all the young and old of both sexes can be passed comfortably (also in case of persons with disabilities and those who are not so).
Facilities if La Collina is introduced on this page.

Our equipment is by no means gorgeous.
We think that the required thing is arranged.


entrance It is possible to bring a car alongside the front of an entrance.
It can move to inside of a hall without a level difference from the outdoors.
Please change into slippers from footwear in that case (we are preparing slippers).
The person who became coming with the wheelchair needs to use a mat (thing for adsorbing the dust adhering to the tire of the wheelchair, etc.).
If it is used, you can use inside of a hall with a wheelchair.
Please check in at the counter on the left-hand side within a photograph.

Movement of the first floor and the second floor can be comfortably performed using an elevator.

elevator There are an entrance, a bathroom, a restaurant, and a lounge in the first floor.
There is a guest room in the second floor.
This elevator has good evaluation.
If a person with trouble in a leg and those who are using the wheelchair use this, it can move comfortably.

La Collina is installing the elevator from commencement-of-business that time.
However, I think that most pensions in Furano in which the elevator is installed even now cannot be found.

The size of the elevator is as follows.

Internal depth 112cm
Internal width 90cm
Internal height 200cm
Width of door 80cm
Height of door 190cm

The mirror is installed in the front inside an elevator and it is easy to get on and off the person using a wheelchair.

Large second floor passage

corridor The width of a passage is wide(1.8M) so that the person using a wheelchair can pass bidirectionally.
Moreover, a floor is not covered with the carpet in order to move comfortably.

An air-conditioner is in all the rooms. The internet can be used in all the rooms.

twin-room It is a simple room where two single beds are arranged(in the case of twin room).
The larger door in all the rooms is adopted.
Since the person using a wheelchair can use the room comfortably, there are two rooms where the slide door is adopted.

There are a sideboard, a bedside lamp, television, a chair and a desk, a wall hanger, a towel hanger, etc. other than a bed in the room.

All the guest rooms we have are without private toilet and bath.

The Internet (cable & wireless LAN) can be used in all the rooms.
The Internet can be used if you bring a notebook PC etc.
The set for a LAN cable to extend is lent out for free.
Use of wireless LAN (wi-fi) requires the input of a password because of security.
Please ask the staff about a LAN cable and a password.

All the rooms are prohibition of smoking.
Please smoke in the smoking space beside the lounge of the first floor.
If the weather is good, you can smoke on an outer terrace.The ashtray is placed.

Clean toilet

wc Two toilets are on the first floor.
And three toilets are on the second floor.
All the toilet seats are equipped with deodorization equipment and shower.
The lavatory for persons with disabilities of the second floor is very large.

Easy-to-use bathroom

bathroom Two bathrooms are on the first floor.
All, such as a passage, a dressing room, and a bathroom, do not have a level difference.

There are "some bath-chairs", "a shower chair with a high bearing surface" and "the vinyl mat for those who cannot use a chair".
The shower chair and the vinyl mat are usually prepared for the right-hand side bathroom.

In both two bathrooms, the washing machine is installed.
The clothes drier is installed in the left-hand side bathroom.
It is a charge.
When you use, please speak to the staff.

- Fee -
Washing machine / 300yen / one use
clothes drier / 100yen / every 10 minutes

* When using a clothes drier *
If clothing is put into a clothes dryer in large numbers, clothing will not get dry easily.


restaurant The height of a table and a chair is set up so that many people (the person using a wheelchair and those who do not use) can enjoy a meal comfortably.

All the guests can have meals at this restaurant.
Dinner time 18:30-20:30
Breakfast time 7:00-8:30(free time *)
* If it is within the above-mentioned time in the morning, you can have a meal freely.

Lounge. There is a comfortable sofa and you will be able to relax leisurely.

lounge Please utilize a lounge as a place of the talk with husband and wife, families, and friends.

What is placed on the lounge is as follows.