What is Stomach Art?

"Stomach Art" means painting a face on the stomach, and showing that face while hiding the dancer's head and arms under a straw hat.In cases where it is difficult to paint directly on the stomach, it is permissible to paint a face on a T-shirt and wear that instead. However, participants must still hide their faces and arms under a straw hat. For details, please see "Until the stomach art is complete" on the Hokkai Heso Matsuri homepage.

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Until the stomach art is complete…

Imposingly large stomachs, small stomachs, long thin stomachs…Stomachs and bellybuttons are so different from person to person. There are also many different faces painted on these stomachs, from Kabuki characters to animation heroes, or beautiful women.Whichever you choose, the expression on the painted face will change according to the "expression" of that person's stomach.

First, you paint your whole stomach with a white pigment from chest to a few centimeters below the navel.
Then apply powder over the whole body.

Paint the mouth, eyes and nose with black.
On everybody's stomach, the bellybutton should be the "mouth"

Decorate the face with red, blue, yellow, pink, etc.
Finish subtle tones with hands and cloth, and you're done!

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